Safaris Overview

Tanzania is regularly voted one of the favorite safari destinations in Africa and is suitable for safari travel all year round. There is no bad time to travel, as each season offers very different experiences in both the dry and rainy seasons.

During the dry season the skies are clear, the days sunny and you will see the harsh sun sucking the moisture from the landscape and baking the earth dusty bread, while the rainy season brings dense bush, tall grasses and lush landscapes. This is also the time when the migratory birds are here and bird watching brings the most joy.

The best chance to see the wildebeest migration in the central Serengeti is from December to April, with February being the calving season and an excellent choice to watch predators hunting. August is the best time to observe migration in the northern Serengeti near the Mara River.

Overall, the best wildlife viewing months are in the dry season from January to February and from June to October, as there is less vegetation and animals are concentrated around waterholes and rivers. There are also fewer mosquitoes then, as there is little to no rain.

The northern safari route is the most popular safari route in Tanzania. In most cases you will arrive via Kilimanjaro International Airport, or alternatively Arusha Airport. If you wish, you can also arrive via Dar es Salaam International Airport or Nairobi International Airport in Kenya. Our safaris last from 4 to 10 days. We are also happy to put together a tailor made itinerary for you.

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